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5 things to consider when deciding on a wedding theme

June 25, 2022

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There are SO many options out there when it comes to planning a wedding. We’re told more options are helpful, but I have come to realize time and time again that they can easily overwhelm and paralyze you. When choosing what you want the overall feel and vibe of your wedding to be, there are a few key things to consider:

Include both of you

I have noticed that there tends to be one person in the relationship that is more invested in the plans and details of the wedding. I get it, not everyone gets giddy when discussing floral centerpieces. 😉  But even if your partner couldn’t care less about flower arrangements or the style of your cake, I would urge you to try to find at least a few things that you both can decide together. Make it fun and stress free and plan an afternoon of listening to each other’s hearts about what you want the day to be like. 

What makes you both happy? 

–Don’t think about what’s trending or what colors or styles are most popular. Instead, ask yourself, what are you and your partner’s favorite ways to relax and enjoy one another? What makes you happy? What environments are you naturally drawn towards? What makes you feel at ease? Are there certain places or locations that make you feel anxious or tense? On the contrary, are there places that make you feel alive and at peace?  All of these questions will help lead you and/or steer you away from particular venues, locations, themes, and just the overall feel of the day!

NON negotiable 

-Do you have non- negotiables? For instance, if you’ve got your heart set on a venue that’s located seaside in The Hamptons, then you may choose not to also incorporate a rustic farm vibe. I’ve found that deciding your non-negotiables first helps you be able to move forward and make decisions that align with what you decide is most valuable. 

Choosing a venue will help with this since certain venues have a very clear aesthetic they are portraying, so you would naturally 

Favorite colors?

I know this is usually one of the first things that wedding Do you have favorite colors? Is it a certain season? While sometimes I hate this question because im all about doing what you want and what you love regardless of the season (  Im the girl who had my bridesmaids wear a bublegum pink dress in December 😉 ) I also know that it’s something to take in mind. 

Formal or casual

Do you want formai? Beyond just that question. Close your eyes and imagine what a formal weddings conjers up? What about a casual relaxed wedding? What feelings come up?

Remember your history 

Is there anything from your past or heritage that you want to honor?

You may have one pro and a 100 cons for why a certain thing is not the best idea (remember me and my bublegum pink bridesmaids dresses in December), but at the end of the day, it’s about you and your future bride/groom. What will make you smile when you walk in the doors of that wedding reception? 

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